Hello and welcome to our home on the web. Campus Crusade for Christ was started at OSU-Lima and Rhodes State College during the winter of 2002. In the past we have usually held 1-2 weekly meetings, and try to put on a few special events each year. About a year and a half ago we brought a band in for spring fest, and hope to do similar things in the future. We have also had several get together's, and one year after spring quarter we even had a note burning party.

Please check The Blog for more information regarding our meetings this quarter. We also have many opportunities for you to be active within our organization.

Leaders: Our student organization is always looking for other Jesus followers to join our leadership team. Leaders help us decide what we do in the future, and how we can best impact this campus for Christ.

Volunteers: We are always willing to give you opportunities to serve other students here at the college, and that is basically what a volunteer does. While you may not have the time, patience, or particularly feel called to a position of leadership, being a volunteer would allow us to call on you if we need help with a special outreach or project. As a volunteer you might do anything from passing out fliers so others know what special events we are planning, to helping serve coffee to other students here on campus. It all depends on how available you are, and what you are willing to do.

Spiritual Growth: In the next few quarters we are going to focus on how you can personally grow spiritually, as well as how you can help other's grow spiritually. Our theme this year is surviving, and we are going to look at how we can survive as Jesus Followers, and how we can help introduce others to the ultimate survivor (Jesus).